Bloom Where You're Planted

I recently read this article in Forbes magazine, about the benefits of blooming where you're planted at work. The article shared a recent study that found that the raw materials of greatness can be found in almost anyone's employment situation. Though it's easy to be disgruntled at your work (no matter your employment-including parenthood) by job conditions, compensation, a boss or co-worker, or your job responsibilities, the study found that if employees in regular jobs decided to look at their opportunity differently, it could change their whole career trajectory.
Powerful stuff right? And oh so applicable.
I've found that this is never as true as it is being a parent, and really a disciple. Take yesterday for instance. I was pooped on three times, and never once got an apology. My schedule wasn't really ever taken into consideration when my "clients" needed something (kids can be pretty demanding you know). I worked before the sun rose and didn't stop until long after the sun went down. So much of what I do right now as a parent doesn't exactly scream "ideal job conditions", but when I focus on blooming where I am planted, it changes what I do and how I feel about my job every day. And I think it even influences those I "work with" too.
The study also recommended some great ways to bloom right where you're planted:
1. Work with what you've got (not what you wish you had)
2. See your current constraints as an opportunity to use your talents and creativity
3. Identify problems in the status quo that others don't notice
4. Be a team player on how you approach problem solving
5. Find novel solutions simply by making minor corrections
Isn't it empowering to realize that you can change your situation just by the way you view it and interact with it.
So let's have a little less talk, and a lot more blooming.

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