New Years Resolutions

The Sunday between Christmas and New Year’s Day is always a good one. While we’re still enjoying the peaceful Christmas music, the twinkling lights and the Christmas tree, this Sunday is a good day for me to catch my breath and—if we’re lucky—get caught up on missed sleep to kick the inevitable Christmas colds.

However the biggest reason that I love this Sunday before New Years is because it is the perfect day to focus on what I want to accomplish and who I want to become this year (it’s much easier to do this on a Sunday than on New Years Day when I’m tired from the night before!). Not only is it a great day to write my own resolutions, but to take time to set some resolutions as a family as well.

One resolution—both for me personally and for our family—has been on my mind this whole holiday season. It started back when I first got out our little nativity. It was in the center of our living room throughout December and since we spend a lot of time there with Tillie, she played with it a lot. Her favorite pieces were the shepherd (because it was holding a baby sheep), Mary, and baby Jesus.  She spent more time with that baby Jesus than any other “toy”—and Tillie loved to put him in the baby swing, burp him when Jane and Clara were being burped, and give him food and water.

As I watched her play with that little set we spoke often about the Savior and his life, and though I don’t know how much Tillie understood, she heard a lot of stories about Jesus this Christmastime. It was easy because he was there in the middle of the room. As I looked around our home I realized I need to do a better job after the holidays of having things up around the home that remind me of him. I want him to be at the center of what we do and think, and a bigger part of our family in 2014. I love this scripture about how we can keep him in the forefront of all that we do, and hope my children will say this about how I parented.

So one of my resolutions for 2014 is to have the Savior as more of a central part of our family. 
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