On the first day of summer

Just a few days ago I drove past the Yale New Haven hospital. Immediately came flooding back to my mind exactly where I was a year ago. Sitting in my hospital bed overlooking the bay, with nurses in and out of my room, and without my husband and Tillie Rose. I held on to hope that we would have a good outcome for our twins, but barely allowed myself to dream that someday I would be able to take my 3 kids out and enjoy the sunshine.

It's crazy to me that a year has already past, and even more so that all those dreams have come true. 

Now here it is, the first day of summer! No better way to celebrate the twins' first summer than a day at the beach with splashing chunky baby legs, daddy-daughter walks, and sand in my toes. 

Still getting used to the whole sand thing (except of course for Jane on the left with a whole fist full in her mouth). I keep giggling at how these swimsuits look a little like wrestling singlet's on our chunky babies.

I think this last one is my new favorite. 

Welcome back summer!

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