Deep Cleaning

This morning I decided to do a good deep cleaning of our place. Nothing too fancy, but taking the extra time to clean baseboards, wipe down walls where it was needed, organize the toys and throw out the old or broken ones, you know the drill (unless of course you don't clean your house or someone does for you, to which I say lucky you!).

As I was cleaning, and looking over at my girls playing (hooray!), I kept thinking about the need for a good deep cleaning every now and then in our lives. Most of the time in my house doing the dishes and light pick up is good enough, and as long as I do a daily sweep to put things away and keep the kitchen looking good, our house is in pretty good order. But every few weeks the house needs a little more love, and when I take the time to do a deep clean it feels so good!
Aren't our lives the same? When we're trying to live right, most of the time our lives just need a little upkeep, but every once in a while it's important to do a good deep clean. It is so healthy to take an inventory of our lives and see if our priorities are in order, if our relationships are strong, and if God is central to our life. Sometimes it may lead us to more serious repentance, and sometimes we may be inspired to simply make smaller course corrections, but every time it brings satisfaction and added peace.
There is nothing like a good deep clean, whether for our homes, or for our spirits!

Tillie Rose is 2

My Tillie Rose turned 2. This last year has been a whirlwind, and she has been a trooper through the crazy (crazy like mom's-not-living-at-home-for-three-months crazy, and I'm-only-16-months-and-I-have-younger-twin-sisters crazy). She has taught me how resilient kids are. She has helped me see God's hand in my life. I know there is a special purpose for her being in our family, and getting here first. This girl is a special soul.

As I looked over some pictures from her first year I realized how much personality she has had from the very beginning. She was so fun to celebrate, and I hope I never forget the look on her face when people sang her happy birthday, her little head kept turning around and around to look at everyone as if to say "are they really singing to me?!" She seemed to be just tickled from head to toe.

Who knew one little girl could bring so much sunshine into our life. I love her so much it hurts sometimes. Happy birthday little one!
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