Thanking my lucky stars

It was 4 am. I had been "flipping babies" (what you do when your babies can roll to one side but not the other--and can only sleep the "other" way) for the last 30 minutes and was done. It had been a week of baby flipping and middle-of-the-night-wake-ups, and because of it I hadn't been able to shake a stubborn cold. I desperately needed a full night's sleep. More in desperation than humility, I finally knelt down and asked for some divine idea of what to do. And probably more because I was tired than because of an answer to my prayer, I decided to just go to bed and hope they would cry it out.

This morning as I sat feeding the girls, the thought came to me (maybe the real answer to my prayer), "Don't forget that just 6 months ago you were praying these two angels here." The realization sank into my heart as I realized how quickly I forget! A 4 am waking is nothing, I have two sweet angel babies to wake up for!

How often we pray and plead and hope for a blessing, receive it with gratitude, but then all too quickly we move on. How quickly we forget that job we worked and fought for, the school we did everything to get into, the guy we desperately wanted to go out with, or the baby we longed for, was an answer to prayer that we're now griping about. If only we could remember how badly we wanted it in the first place, and how kind God was to listen.

So here's my new trick. When you start to get frustrated about something (the new boss or ornery clients, the sleep schedule or lack thereof, the tough class load), try to remember what you would have given for that very challenge, and thank your lucky stars! Or maybe more appropriately, thank a loving Father in Heaven who blessed you with your hearts desire, and will now help you to navigate that very blessing.

So next time I'm up at 4 am, you can count on me to be groggily thanking my lucky stars that I have two babies to wake up for.



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