6 Months

We made it to the 6 month mark.

To anyone else that may not seem like much, but to us (me?!) this is one big milestone. Ironically, we are just a few weeks shy from when we found out we were expecting a "baby" last year. Oh how we've been taken for a ride since then! But I wouldn't trade it, and gratefully every month gets even better.

So indulge me in a few pictures and words to mark a big milestone for my two little girls.

To my girls:

It's amazing to the think of the journey we've been on in the past 6 months. We've already made it through so much. You are fighters! You passed with flying colors through a C-section, prodding, poking, feeding tubes, breathing help, kangaroo care and all that 2 months in the NICU entails.

And to look at you now you would never know.

I love that I finally feel like I'm getting to know you. I love your steel blue eyes. I love that I can see myself in both of you.

I love to see you learn. Whether you like it or not, you're learning patience, especially to wait for me and each other--to wake up, to finish eating, to get your diapers changed, and to play. You're learning to share, even the one-on-one time.

I love that you're starting to figure each other out, and likely yourselves too. You're even reaching milestones within days from each other--reaching and grabbing, rolling almost both ways, and pushing up.

I'm so grateful that you let Tillie adore you both, and that you forgave her for that one time with a bat (I promise she was just trying to make you stop crying).

Clara, I love the way you babble babble babble, so loudly that I have to look twice to see if all that noise is coming from such a little thing.

Jane, I love the way your soul seems to connect with mine when you smile up at me. I love to see you observe and watch and notice.

I hope you know how hard I try to make you happy. I hope you feel how much your sweet Daddy and I love you.

I hope that someday this love will help you understand how much God loves you.

I can't believe you've only been a part of our family for 6 months. It feels like forever.

And I'm so glad that you forever will be.



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