Uncle Mike

A few weeks ago I got a card in the mail, and couldn’t make it past a few lines without tears falling freely down my face.

The card was from my brother Michael and his wife Rachel. Enclosed with the card was a check, along with this picture:

Michael is currently a second year medical student at Texas A&M. He and his wife along with their son are living the life of med students, busy, budgeting, and spending too much time apart as studying is all consuming. But somehow in the middle of their want they found time to do something very special for me and my family, and it has touched me beyond words.

A few months ago they wanted to think of a way to support my family while I was in the hospital. It was at a time when we didn’t know the outcome of our pregnancy, but only knew that the hospital stay would likely be long for both me, and if they made it, the girls. So they got the idea to organize a fun run, invite friends and family in the area to join them and then donate to help our family with medical bills and expenses. And their friends came, even to support a family they have never met.

I didn’t know any of this.

In fact, I didn’t hear about it until I opened that card and saw the smiling faces looking back at me.

If I can take the liberty, I want to address this next part to all of you who came and ran and donated that day, without knowing me or my family. THANK YOU. If only I could invite you all over for dinner and let you meet our girls who are thriving and growing and doing so well--in part because of you. Thank you for giving us of your time, your money, and I know also of your faith. Mike asked that I share what we did with your money, and although it’s nothing glamorous, I think it’s exactly what you hoped, that we used it to help pay for the hospital and medical bills from this journey.  I hope to pay forward what you did for our family, but a piece of you will live on forever in our two little girls.

And to my brother. THANK YOU. You know you are one of my greatest heroes.

As I read this scripture today I thought of all of you:

And to godliness brotherly kindness; 
and to brotherly kindness charity.
2 Peter 1:7

I think the command for us to develop brotherly kindness means to treat others—even whom we don’t know—as family; to not only serve those we love, but those we’ve maybe only just met. And I think part of charity is learning to give not just out of our abundance, but even when it may be from our want.

You have done all of this, and inspired me to do the same.



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