Blessing the Twins

This weekend was a very special one for me and my family as Jane Elizabeth and Clara Mae were blessed on Sunday.

The weather couldn't have been more beautiful. New England has been so good to us this fall and our little corner of the world has been a piece of heaven, both in the mild weather and the unbelievable fall colors (If you've never been to New England in the fall you need to put it on your bucket list!).

For a little context on baby blessings in my faith, we don't baptize little children (individuals aren't baptized until they are at least 8 years old, or later when they join our church). Instead babies are given a blessing to help them in their life and their names are put on the church records. Also, instead of a priest or church leader giving the blessing, they are often blessed by their fathers.

Watching Dave as a father has made me fall even more in love with him. He is such a good dad, and loves his daughters. He prepared and prayed and was very thoughtful about the blessing, and tried be in tune to know what God would have him say to our daughters.

The blessings were beautiful.

What really hit me while listening to the blessings is that God knows these two babies, separate and distinct from anyone else. This meant so much to me personally because I have struggled feeling like I don't know them individually, only just as "the twins". Funny enough, this has probably been the hardest thing for me about being a mother of identical twins. I want to know my babies and have an individual connection with each of them.

But in listening to the blessing there was no doubt in my mind that God knows them. He knows their names, he knows their unique gifts and talents, and knows that they each have a separate and special purpose here on the earth. When I need help as a mom to know how to give them the courage and confidence to develop their unique gifts, I can rely on God to show me how because he knows them. They are my daughters, but they are his daughters too.

I can't wait to see their lives unfold and for them to become all those things that were part of their blessings.

Happy blessing day my angels.



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