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Is anyone else as surprised as I am that the girls are 3 months old today?! It seems like the time is going by so fast--I blink and a day is gone. We are busy feeding, changing diapers, and growing babies, but it's a good busy.

Since the girls were born 2 months premature they are acting a lot more like they're a month old (they were originally due September 23, so it makes sense) then like 3-month-olds. But we did get the first social smiles last week, and they're starting to spend a little more time awake during the day. They are really strong and can hold their heads up and push almost all the way up, which is encouraging to see for a mom of preemies. The best news is that last week they dropped one of the night feeds so I am even getting sleep in 5 or even sometimes 6 hour stretches!

I have realized that I am not taking near enough pictures of the two of them, so I'm going to have to up my game this month.

Last week I had some dear friends throw a "sip-n-see" to come meet the babies for the first time. The whole evening was delightful and it was so sweet for me to introduce the girls to so many people who have already been a part of their story by supporting our family.

We waited until just before the event to get the girls all ready in their little twin outfits (which lasted maybe half-way through the event before one of them had a blow-out).

Baby Jane.
How was this out of focus shot the only one I got up close of the girls?!

 Friends helping set up the delicious food and darling decorations

I think this little one was sneaking candy all night long.
 Then a whole lotta baby feeding, holding and chatting and eating. Recipe for success in my book.


The little message that Clara & Jane wanted me to share with everyone. Seriously though I can't wait for them to really know their story and of the many people who prayed them here and supported our family. They are truly our miracle twins.

Happy 3 months girls!



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