Sip n' See

Is anyone else as surprised as I am that the girls are 3 months old today?! It seems like the time is going by so fast--I blink and a day is gone. We are busy feeding, changing diapers, and growing babies, but it's a good busy.

Since the girls were born 2 months premature they are acting a lot more like they're a month old (they were originally due September 23, so it makes sense) then like 3-month-olds. But we did get the first social smiles last week, and they're starting to spend a little more time awake during the day. They are really strong and can hold their heads up and push almost all the way up, which is encouraging to see for a mom of preemies. The best news is that last week they dropped one of the night feeds so I am even getting sleep in 5 or even sometimes 6 hour stretches!

I have realized that I am not taking near enough pictures of the two of them, so I'm going to have to up my game this month.

Last week I had some dear friends throw a "sip-n-see" to come meet the babies for the first time. The whole evening was delightful and it was so sweet for me to introduce the girls to so many people who have already been a part of their story by supporting our family.

We waited until just before the event to get the girls all ready in their little twin outfits (which lasted maybe half-way through the event before one of them had a blow-out).

Baby Jane.
How was this out of focus shot the only one I got up close of the girls?!

 Friends helping set up the delicious food and darling decorations

I think this little one was sneaking candy all night long.
 Then a whole lotta baby feeding, holding and chatting and eating. Recipe for success in my book.


The little message that Clara & Jane wanted me to share with everyone. Seriously though I can't wait for them to really know their story and of the many people who prayed them here and supported our family. They are truly our miracle twins.

Happy 3 months girls!



Do I Think to Pray?

My daughter Tillie Rose loves to pray. I hope that I never forget the way she clasps her pudgy hands together, or how she mimics the way we start our prayers, “Heavenly Father”, in a very high pitched voice sounding something like, “hebeny fada”. I am amazed that a little girl that isn’t even potty trained can somehow remember to pray before every meal. And I love looking up at Dave after Tillie’s prayers, and seeing a grin as big as mine as we hear her energetic “Aaaameeen!”

Now just in case you feel like I’m tooting my own horn here, I should make it clear that we aren’t always praying. We try to remember before meals and before bed, but definitely aren’t perfect. But luckily Tillie has caught on, and for some reason loves it. In fact, every once in a while we will catch her pretending (or for all I know really praying) by herself, and sometimes she will just randomly turn to us and say “prayer, mommy daddy?”
This happened yesterday in the car. Tillie and I were driving to a city about 20 minutes away, when I heard her little voice pipe up from the back, “Pray? Mommy?” and sure enough I looked back to see her earnest eyes, and her pudgy hand clasped together. I asked her, “Do you want to say a prayer?” and then saw her face break out into a smile as she said “la!” (her form of yea!). So I proceeded to pretend to close my eyes and then prayed as we drove, listing off the things we typically pray for. No sooner had I ended the prayer, however, than I heard another “more, pray, mom?” from the back. So I asked again, “Do you want to say another prayer?” to which she again smiled and answered “la!”
This continued, and by the 4th prayer I was digging deeper, thinking of something I hadn't yet prayed for, and my prayers became heartfelt as I expressed gratitude for things I don’t usually mention. I expressed gratitude that we didn’t have any traffic (funny how I am quick to pray for traffic to clear up, but I don’t know the last I prayed just because I was grateful for clear roads), for my good health and a good night’s sleep the night before, that I was able to get out of my house with Tillie, and thanked God for many things I often take for granted.
Needless to say in those 20 minutes there was such a sweet feeling in our car and in my heart. Tillie was peaceful. I was more focused on her. We could feel the spirit
How humbled I was to be taught by a little child to think to pray. I need to remember that I can pray at anytime, anywhere, and that there is so much to be thankful for.

Growing Up II

My baby’s growing up.

It was just yesterday that she was trying her first solid foods, being rocked in my arms, and babbling with that toothless grin.  Now she feeds herself with a spoon, loves to twirl and sing and dance, and melts our hearts with her distinctive way of saying “I love you, daddy". 
with daddy over labor day weekend in Maryland
She’s growing out of clothes, talking about her friends, and learning about the time out chair. She even had her first big girl haircut.

A few times now I've been watching her and other older girls and have had little glimpses of stages still to come—taking trips together, cooking together, and late night talks about things that matter most. I’m the last person to wish away this stage but I do get excited imagining all the fun mothering stages yet to come.

As I was picking out some prints for the girls nursery I came upon this print:

The quote comes from the Chronicles of Narnia series. Call me a nerd, but it is one of my all-time favorite book series. In and of themselves the books are entertaining and imaginative, but with the underlying Christian themes and allegories they are brilliant. Throughout the series is the character Aslan, a lion that created the world, visits the different people throughout the stories, gives his life to save someone and then is brought back to life by deeper magic, and in the end, helps the world become new—obviously the Savior figure in the book.
He is weaved in and out of the stories and is a special friend to the little girl Lucy, who in a later book meets him again when she is older and has the conversation quoted on the print.

When I saw the print I knew I wanted it for the girls’ room, if nothing else as a reminder to me that the Savior is there no matter how big or small I am, and is big enough to help me parent no matter the age. He is there to help me have patience in the middle of the night, to help me recognize the needs of a toddler who is acting out, and to help me love when I feel like I don’t have enough in my heart.

How comforting to know that for every stage of parenting, for every year they grow, because He loved enough he can, and will, help me be grow to be enough too.



Keeping Up

Hey friends,
It's been awhile. Writing and sharing were a huge blessing to me while in the hospital, and I've missed that, and more importantly, I've missed you! I have felt prompted to write, and so feel badly when I don't write as much as I would like to. I'm so grateful for Kelly, Brittany, and Jeni for continuing to put together so many things to inspire me and hopefully some of you too.
Sometimes at the end of the day I just think of all the things I would have liked to get done, and hope that the next day is a little smoother. Last night Dave and I were talking about this and he said, "really you just have to work on survival right now, and that's success." That's a bit of a low bar, but probably more realistic than my expectations :)
I'm so grateful for the support we've had, friends and help that have come to the rescue, women that Tillie has called mom, and the meals that have replaced my own. Yes, life is a little crazy around here with 3 under 2, but I can't imagine what it would it be like without all the help? I've never been comfortable on the receiving end, but feel humbled as that's where I find myself often in this season of life. And really, as busy and crazy as I feel sometimes, most days I really am feeling pretty good and even getting some sleep!
Tillie's friend (ok really my friend) Katie, who comes over after high school to help me out. She has been my angel. 
Two of my nurses that came to see me and meet the twins. I love these girls!

Even as unpredictable as life is right now, I want to keep writing, sharing, and connecting. I have a few little updates to the blog and some content coming up that I'm really excited about. Thank you, to all of you that have made this a special place for me and made me feel like this is a project that is worthwhile. I know it's just a small thing, but it's something that has made a big difference in my life. I'm excited to be back writing more and can't wait to connect again with you!
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