Welcome Home Jane

So the day started like this. Tuesday morning came and I was trying to get everything put together after a fun weekend away for Labor Day (we took one last trip as a family of 3 to see my brother play football in Virginia). As far as we knew the earliest Jane would be home was Wednesday, but likely it would be Thursday or Friday. So on Tuesday morning I knew I had one last day to get everything done on my list and be ready for our new arrival.

And then the doctor called. And Jane was ready to come home.

So Tillie ran around with her hair in her eyes and no clothes on while I got the last things put together, and then when Daddy came home it was finally time to bring Jane home. 

We waited for a minute in the family room outside the NICU. It's crazy for me to think that when Clara gets home we will be done with hospitals, waiting rooms and doctors for a while.

Then Jane had her last diaper change in the hospital (I love that she's still drowning in the size 1 diapers), and we got to finally unhook all the monitors.

Tillie was so excited to see Jane in a carseat, and it was all we could do to stop her from giving kisses and pointing out everything on Jane (hair bow, eyes, nose, mouth, fingers). We're going to have to work on the pointing and smothering. But I couldn't be happier (and more relieved!) that she adores her like she does.

And then just like that, we were ready to go home as a family of 4.

I have to admit that a part of me stayed in the hospital with Clara. But gratefully she should be home any day now, and so I'm just trying to take in time as a mother of 2 in the small window I get it.

And so on Wednesday we did just that.

Doesn't Tillie's face just say it all here?

Our biggest welcome to our littlest Jane. Lucky for you, you have a sister who will slip you toys and be your friend, parents who will do all they can, and a whole support team of people who love you and have prayed you  here.

Welcome home baby Jane.

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