Welcome Home Clara Mae

Friday morning I got another call from the NICU, letting us know that Clara Mae was ready to come home.

Dave was travelling for work (which of course made me sad that we couldn't have a picture perfect family pick-up, but let's be honest, we are probably going to have many moments as a family of 5!). So thank heavens for good friends that could come help out with the two other girls under 18 months at home. We left Jane with one friend, and then the other came with me and Tillie Rose to pick up Clara.

 My oldest and my youngest daughter. (Still pinching myself when I say I'm a mother to 3 daughters)

 These kisses are not posed, this girl seriously just can't get enough of her sisters. 

 My angel friends who helped me get through the first feedings before Dave got home. (Oh and ps, the friend on the right, she's about 8 months pregnant here and looking awesome right?)

 After their feed I laid them down together, side by side, with space in between so they wouldn't wake each other up. Within an hour or so I came in to find this, somehow they had moved to find each other. 

It looks like we're all glad to have Clara Mae home.

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