My Angels

My mom calls our girls the "Angel Babies." She says that angels are watching over them, and that they are little angels. And I believe both.

Last Sunday I got to hold them both together for the first time. I don't know if it was because they could sense my happiness, or if it was because they were so happy to be together, but I got some big smiles out of both of them. I can't stop looking at the pictures now. (Clara's in the pink hat and Jane in the multi-colored). They are both right around 4 lbs, and the nurses are estimating that the girls will be home sometime in the next week or two.

These days I'm mostly focused on trying to fit everything in--especially as much summer (I'm finally even going to hit up the pool), Tillie time, and friends as possible--while trying to also get everything prepared for these angel babies.

It's a busy but happy time.

How I love my angel girls. I can't wait to have them home so soon.



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