My Angels

My mom calls our girls the "Angel Babies." She says that angels are watching over them, and that they are little angels. And I believe both.

Last Sunday I got to hold them both together for the first time. I don't know if it was because they could sense my happiness, or if it was because they were so happy to be together, but I got some big smiles out of both of them. I can't stop looking at the pictures now. (Clara's in the pink hat and Jane in the multi-colored). They are both right around 4 lbs, and the nurses are estimating that the girls will be home sometime in the next week or two.

These days I'm mostly focused on trying to fit everything in--especially as much summer (I'm finally even going to hit up the pool), Tillie time, and friends as possible--while trying to also get everything prepared for these angel babies.

It's a busy but happy time.

How I love my angel girls. I can't wait to have them home so soon.



Closer to Home!

The girls had a big day today. They were finally stable enough to make their first big trip, and were transferred to a hospital closer to our home (our drive is now only 10 minutes compared with the hour drive to Yale). They have made so much progress in just the last 5 days, both coming off their oxygen support and increasing their feeds. Now all that we have left are the hurdles of feeding and temperature control. We are feeling so grateful.

I feel like I've waited so long to get to hold them but finally got to on Saturday. Rocking my little Jane all cuddled up against me was a piece of heaven.

Tillie got to meet them on Saturday too. She wasn't a little nervous walking in and seeing all the incubators, but as we got to Jane and Clara's incubators she got the courage up to kiss the incubator and say "hi babies." 

Here's a little side-by-side with Clara on the left and Jane on the right. Goodness I love them. We are so grateful for the progress they've made in just two weeks and know that the situation could have ended up so differently. Thank you for all your prayers and support. Hopefully just a couple more weeks until they're ready for an even bigger day of really coming home (and I hope I'm ready too!). 




It feels so good to be home.

My bed is softer than I remember, Tillie is sweeter than ever, my angel in-laws take care of more than anything I could need, and Dave and I are finally back together.  I feel like I’m just trying to catch my breath as I feel so grateful to be back.

But funny as it sounds, I am finding that my definition of home has broadened from what it used to be, and I like it.

There is now a piece of home back at the Yale Hospital, floor 10. I miss my friend who cleaned my room, my dear friend the chaplain, my friend who did my vitals, my friend who checked my fridge temp (I'm not exaggerating, these people were amazing). I miss my nurses and feel like they have become like sisters. Monitoring my daughters, day in and day out, was a service that I will forever be grateful for. But even more than that, they looked after my heart.

There is also a piece of home at Yale Hospital on the 4th floor in the NICU. Although my two daughters had to stay behind, it feels like home when I visit them and feel their tiny hands hold tight to the end of my finger. They are growing and doing so well and I’m so grateful for each day that they progress.

There is a piece of my home that left when my sister Sarah had to fly home. Boy do we love her. Her name is often the first Tillie says when she wakes up.

There are also pieces of home all over in so many of you that have served our family over the past 2 months, and that sent us love through letters, visits, texts, packages, prayers, and meals. You truly gave of your hearts to us.

Who knew that this experience would help me feel more love than ever before, and widen my circle of home in ways that I will forever be grateful for!

Home really is where the heart is, and lucky for me right now, that seems to be a little bit of everywhere. 


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