Week 31

Watching all the excitement of the royal baby and anticipating our own arrival has made me pretty giddy today! (As an aside, I am so happy they had a boy and I’m not at risk of having one of our names stolen.) It’s surreal to sit here, officially 50 days into my hospital stay, knowing that in one week I will meet my girls. According to the doctors it looks like their birthday will be July 29th, 2013 (next Monday). It seems impossible that this wild journey is really coming to an end. I have to remind myself that we’re not in the clear, but with so many risks now behind us I can’t help but be grateful and excited.

What do you think, should I announce our babies on a golden easel, maybe at Buckingham Palace?
I won’t bore you with a list of highlights, but something that did make my week was that Dave had a symposium in New Haven so I got to see a lot more of him. Oh and I can’t forget that I was a bit of a movie star--see the picture above (well if being on a hospital promotional video qualifies then I was…though I’m not sure who really watches hospital promotional videos). We did have a little scare as well as one of the babies had a small heart deceleration this week. Luckily it only lasted 20 seconds or so and then everything returned to normal. It made me grateful that the babies have been so good almost the whole time, and that we're so close!

It’s a good thing that this week is the last one—I’m starting to run out of ways to make this experience interesting. (Although I have a feeling that in just 7 days there are going to be plenty of pictures and stories to help shake things up!)

Things I’m going to miss about the hospital:
- I have a housekeeper that comes every day, and even brings me fresh towels.
- I have people on call to do anything I ask, even fill up my water.
- I get personal doctor’s visits every morning just to see if I’m feeling ok.
- I never have to move a muscle or lift a finger, in fact my staff won’t even let me.

But seriously, I’m really going to miss:
- Spending more time with people, rather than doing things. I don’t want to forget this when I get back to all the things that need doing at home.
- Really enjoying the time I get to spend with Tillie Rose and not being distracted with all the things I normally have to do at home.
- My nurses. But I plan on being friends with some of them even when I leave.
- Getting to spend time with my sister. Man I love her.
- Being served. Just kidding, but I have learned so much about real service because of all of you.

So here’s to the last 50 days, and only 7 more to go—and to everyone who has been such a support for us. I wish I could give you each a big hug and thank you for keeping us in your prayers and me positive with texts, messages, packages, and your friendship. There’s no doubt in my mind that we couldn't have done this without all of you.

All my love,


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