For my girls

I can’t believe your big day is finally here.

Someday you will know your story, how you have been prayed for and loved long before you ever came into this world.

As your mother I have humbly watched as so many have already taken an interest in your lives. You are truly being born into a circle of love. My heart is full of gratitude knowing that God has brought you through so much. I’m so eager to hold you and tell you of my love for you and the deep place you already hold in my heart. 

Our last family picture before you join us!
More than anything I want you to know how much we love you. Your dad loves you. Your sister Tillie loves you. We have prayed for you and hoped for you. We have fought for you and will continue to fight for you. There is nothing we wouldn't do for you. 

Life is probably going to be a little crazy over the next few months. The peaceful time we’ve spent as a team--you growing inside me and me out here doing what I can--is soon going to end. Time for reflection and study will be replaced by the intensity of the NICU, and then hopefully daily life as a newborn. We’re both going to learn a lot about that!

Before the whirlwind begins I wanted to write down a few thoughts that are in my heart for both of you. Hopefully these are things I will teach you over your life-- both in how I live, and the words I say.  

I want you to know that:

You are daughters of God. He knows you and loves you. You won’t always be able to see him, but if you learn how to look for him you will see his signature in everything around you. Learn to stay close to him and you will never be alone.

You each have a special purpose for your life on earth. While both of you will have different ways in which you touch the world, your main goal will be to become like Jesus Christ.  It’s not easy, but you don’t need to worry, you will have a lifetime to learn. You won’t be perfect, but God planned for that.

The best guide for your life will be to learn how God speaks to you and how to be fearless in following it.

Your happiness will not come from what the world gives to you, but what you give to the world. Imitating or chasing the world will never leave you fulfilled, only tired.

Unlike seeking the things of the world, when you seek the things of God first and to serve and love those around you, you will find joy and you will be a light to those around you. Life will have meaning and you will find your purpose.

In all you do, the effort you give is more important than whatever outcome you may or may not achieve. The inner qualities you develop will always matter more than recognition from outside sources.

This life is an opportunity to make of it what you will. Trials will help you learn and grow, but never stop dreaming big, taking chances, and expecting great things.

Know that with God on your side you have everything you need.  

I can’t wait to meet you.

Love you forever,

Your mom

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