Half way there!

Ohhhh we're halfway there (Since writing this post I can't get Bon Jovi out of my mind...)

So here is the update—we’re alive, we’re healthy and we’re halfway there!

I had a friend tell me I should be instagramming more, and after looking at the 4 lone pictures I've taken from the whole week I thought--what in the world would I instragram in here? (Plus I have to save up so I can overgram pictures of the girls later!) 

Highlights of the week:
-One of my favorite people from law school who I haven’t kept in great touch with sent me a book of essays about the outdoors to help me cope with being in the same room for over a month. What a sweetheart.  
-Date night with just me and Dave, Pepe’s pizza and a movie double feature. We stayed up too late, and even though I was still being monitored in my hospital bed the whole time, it was a needed “night out.”
-Later tonight we’ll be scheduling the delivery date (!!)
-Sister sleepover with Sarah. I love that girl. We watched our favorite Pride & Prejudice and talked and talked and talked.
-Finally passed my glucose test (after a failed test on Friday and 4 more blood draws).
-I’m up 2 more lbs!
-Words can't do this next one justice. The picture below is of a rug my friend Melissa made me for the girls nursery (and just as reference, this thing is huge! She used one inch cotton cording for the yarn. Amazing). I'd been eyeing one I saw since I had Tillie (with a $900 price tag) and since Melissa crochets she figured out how to crochet it by hand (literally-using her fingers as the crochet hooks) and had some friends pitch in for the yarn/rope. It's gorgeous and it's massive, and it's possibly the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me. (Oh and to top it off she was only 3 weeks away from a cross country move when she tackled this project). Total Angel.

-Learned the lullaby written for William and Katherine’s royal baby on the ukulele.
-Skyped with my parents on their first day in Australia, I think I teared up 14 times. They look so good.
-Got a package filled with inspirational quotes and scriptures to hang in my room. Where do people come up with such sweet ideas?!

-And my favorite moment of the week, finding Tillie's little jelly shoe where she had left it in my toiletry bag. I may have teared up again. I can't imagine having two more girls that I love this much (maybe it helps that I haven't had to change diapers any diapers for a month now :) 

I better stop there so you all don't get too jealous of my life here. And just for those of you who think I should be instagramming, here are a few shots of my life.. 

The calendar the sweet nurses made for me. One month down!!

What the heart rate monitor looks like. I am curious how many rolls of paper we've already been through.

And that pretty much wraps it up!

Thanks for all the faith and prayers that have got us to this point. We couldn't be doing it without you.



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