29 weeks

29 weeks and feeling fine. Well mostly, besides the fact that our little girls are getting bigger, which means a little less breathing room for me. But bigger is what we're hoping for so that would be a silly thing to complain about.

I had a happy 4th of July, and watched fireworks this week from my window, from my tv, from my iphone, and from the eyes of my little Tillie. Isn't this just the sweetest picture (sorry it's so grainy), and doesn't it just capture childhood wonder? 

The ultrasound got pushed back a week until this Thursday or Friday so no update on the babies' statistics, but hopefully good news this week. 

Other highlights (with more awesome iPhone pics):
- Had Sunday dinner with my angel family up here in New Haven. I have always loved these guys, but didn't know they'd be my saving grace one day. I could go on and on about how they bring me food, have started a book club with their friends so I have something to do up here, tote around 2 kids to come see me in not a super easy parking situation, bring me the sacrament, but then the whole post would be about them and I wouldn't be able to stop.

- Dave's cousin and his family came to visit. I love them. And I could eat up their little daughter. Tell me these two aren't destined to be BFF's? I wish I could have spent the whole weekend with them.

- I woke up to the sweetest note last night from my nurses, congratulating me on making it to 29 weeks. I spend more time with them than anyone else and am going to miss my girls when I leave this place. I think they're not only monitoring my babies' hearts, but mine as well, and have kept me sane and grateful over the past 5 weeks. 

 - Felt so much love with your calls and texts and a few super thoughtful packages (like my friend that made a twin bunny baby kit...two little bunnies with blankets, diapers and a bed so that Tillie can practice her big sister skills. Tillie loves them).

- Had a date night with one of my favorite couples. Pepe's pizza and a double-date chat night are all I need.
- And made it another week. Here's a requested belly shot--kind of hard to see under the dopplers and wires but that's life :)



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