Father's Day

With Father's day approaching, I reflected this week on the role my dad has played in my life, from the day I was born even up to the talk we had this morning. Saying I feel pretty lucky doesn't come close to capturing the feelings I have for the man who has sacrificed, taught, and helped me become the person I am.  I’m sure my emotions are even closer to the surface as my parents are preparing to leave in just a week to serve in Brisbane, Australia for 3 years.

So here are just a few reasons that I’m grateful for you Dad:
  •  You give me vision. Growing up I think I had no idea who I could become. But you did, and you showed me. It was even apparent in the way you disciplined me (well, most of the time, ha) that when you were disappointed in me it was because you knew "I was better than that." And it drove me to be better. 
  • You've taught me what really brings happiness, even in a world that is pretty confused on this one. You've always steered me away from things that you knew in the long term just wouldn't pay off.
  • You are honest with me, even when the truth is painful. You aren't afraid to say the things that I need to hear, always with a spoonful of love to help it go down.
  • You are a man of integrity. You set the standard for what it means to be a Henderson.
  •  You let me know that you are real, that at times you've struggled, and maybe even failed a time or two. But you've learned from it. I know if I fail it's ok. I'll learn from it and be better for it, just like you. 
  • You taught me that I’m happier when I make myself mind myself. With most people these days advocating for self-indulgence, you taught me (and showed me!) how self-denial will make me happier in the long run.
  • You taught me to love to work. You helped me feel the joy that comes from it, whether from a full day of yard-work, or those good feelings that come after an intense workout.
  • You never shrink from sacrifice, even if it means getting up earlier or letting go of what you would rather do personally.
  • Your faith and relationship with God drives everything else in your life. There's nothing you wouldn't sacrifice for Him, and your willingness to leave everything else behind professionally and socially for 3 years to serve Him is evidence of that.
  • You've taught us about what matters most, and more importantly you live it. Family and faith are right at the top of your list. There has never been a question in my mind that if I really needed you, you would drop anything. 
My dad with Tillie, just a few hours after she was born
I’ll miss having you closer over the next 3 years Dad. But how can I complain when I've been blessed to have you as a father for 29 years, and now have an opportunity to share you with 300 missionaries who will love you as a  father figure too.


your daughter

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