Day 5 in hospital

Happy to say that the Team Twins made it through the first 5 days! (By team twins I mean me, them, Dave, Tillie Rose and Sarah. Quite a crew).

I've promised that this isn't blog isn't going to turn into all about the mono-mono twin experience, or my stay at the hospital, but so many of you have asked for updates so I'll do my best for those of you who are interested.

As of this week the babies are doing great. We had a great ultrasound on Wednesday with full heart scans and everything looks healthy! The babies are both weighing around 1 lb 7 oz. 

There was only one scare this week, at about 1 am this morning where one of the babies heart rates dropped. Hearing the beat slow way down made my adrenaline start pumping, and all I could think of was, no girls--you are not allowed to come yet! It became so intense in the room and the nurse called for the doctor on staff. Gratefully within a minute the heart rate came back up. The nurses later told me this may happen from time to time, and sometimes even happens in completely normal pregnancies. 

The twins profiles
Tillie's profile at the same age
Today I was thinking about the funny unexpected firsts this experience has brought, like:
- Shooting up with steroids. Definitely didn't think I would ever be doing that.
- Living solely in one room, and only moving when I need to use the restroom or when I get my shower time in the morning. Yes, I am so stiff after only 5 days. Yes, I think prison inmates may have it a little better. No, I wouldn't trade places with them. 
- Waking up numerous times per night to people touching my belly and re-attaching monitors.  
- Learning to be grateful for a morning exercise, which only consists of two 4 lb weights and a very creative arm workout. I'm hoping to keep at least one muscle during the 8 week stay.

But mostly I am grateful for those of you thinking and praying for us, and for the visitors! (seriously who would have known how awesome a girls night out is at the hospital!). 

Thought this was too funny with my current situation, good reminder for you to get out and do something fun this weekend!  via 
Hope you enjoy a nice weekend and that you get out and do something fun! And as for me, I can't complain as I have my favorite Team Twins on their way to hang out here. 



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