27 weeks

So I have to admit, a part of me feels really silly writing these updates, but the other part of me feels like it's a way I can say thank you to all of you who are thinking about and praying for us. Your support means the world to us, and the prayers are working (and probably what is keeping me sane!).

New stats for 27 weeks: Babies at 27 weeks have >90% probability of survival (still risks but much better outcomes). The latest ultrasound on Wednesday went really well. Both babies are weighing in at around 2 lbs., and I even caught a glimpse of baby B sucking her little hand on the monitor. Also new for the week, I can now hear when one of the babies has hiccups through the heart rate monitor. It makes me smile just thinking about it.  

Once again sorry for the picture quality in most of these pictures, but here are some highlights from the week:
Girls Night Out: The Recital.

Yes the girls made me play a little song for them on my favorite ukulele. If only I had the guts to post the video! It was a little pathetic but gave us some good laughs. 

I had my friend Corinne come sing while I played, because then no matter what I played it would sound amazing. (Please appreciate that bed-head bun. It takes a lot of best rest to get a bun that good.)

My friend Lizzie brought up guacamole today. It was amazing after 3 weeks of hospital food!

3 packages from cousins and a sister-in-law with some pretty rad things inside (tell me this stuff isn't rad): DIY friendship bracelet kit, the Babysitters club book, darling puj baby shoes (didn't know puj makes shoes!), homemade dried apple rings with cinnamon, love notes from the kids, a few inspired books, hand care kit, and more. All 3 were major pick me ups. Thank you Heidi, Mauri and Aubrey! (And just as an aside, being on the receiving end of service I am realizing I am not as nice and thoughtful as I used to think I was. I have some MAJOR catching up to do.)

Starting to do a little baby shopping! I think I'm going to love shopping for twins.  
From the darling little etsy shop Plain Jane & Co.
My parents are officially in the Missionary Training Center! In one week they are headed to Brisbane Australia to oversee a mission for our church. I feel lucky to watch them go through the experience of preparing to love and serve a people they've never met yet. They are so ready.

And another big highlight is hearing from many of you about the Small Seed. It's so encouraging to see so many respond and resonate to messages about faith and God on the internet. My week and faith has been brightened by your emails and facebook messages.

Here’s to 28 weeks (and my half-way point in the hospital)!



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