26 weeks

The girls made it to week 26! We're nowhere near out of the woods yet, but we did go from a 50-80% survival rate for the girls to 80-90% this week (isn't it crazy that outcomes are so much better with just one week of growth?!). Waking up Monday morning felt so good, and my heart was full of gratitude for another big milestone.

I'm happy to say there isn't a lot new this week--no news is good news around here! The babies heart rates both look good, growth looks good, and I gained a pound and a half (I love that I'm measuring my progress these days by how many pounds I've gained in a week!).

Some highlights of my week (beware, none of this is going to be very exciting-they all are shots from my hospital room taken from my phone).

I love my Tillie Rose and Sarah time (I think Sarah's become my emotional outlet, when she comes up here I laugh so much and she can't get me to stop talking, sure signs of cabin fever?).

Snuggling in the few minutes I get to stand up when I use the restroom. 
Loved these flowers from Dave's grandma Colleen. Nothing like peonies and pea sprouts (I think that's what they are?), the pea sprouts smell heavenly!

Saturday night Tillie and Dave came up and we had a little dance party. We were cracking up watching Tillie get such a kick out of herself in the iPad photo booth.

I couldn't help but post this, the dog that makes routine visits from the pet therapy program. They come once a week to cheer up the patients. I think it's adorable.

Girls Night Out: Hospital Style. I look forward to this every week. Talk about an angel in my life, my friend Dayna has set up a schedule so that I have a group of friends travel an hour to come see me every week. How can I thank you Dayna?

And a sweet moment yesterday on my 26 week mark--my little hello from heaven, a double rainbow for my little doubles. I posted it on instagram and loved some of the comments, "God's signature is everywhere so that we recognize our own daily miracles", and "God is Good," and my favorite, "Another love note from Heavenly Father." I agree.

Another week down. I We are so grateful for your support and prayers! 



ps I found a study this week touting the benefit of music therapy and babies in the NICU. So for any of you that were wondering, yes I am seriously learning the ukulele. And my nurses are getting a total kick out it.

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