Spring Planting

There’s nothing quite like spring in New England.

For those skeptics out there, come live through an unusually long winter season with an unusual amount of grey days, and see if spring doesn't blow you away!

Last week Tillie and I decided to celebrate the end of winter, the end of moving chaos, and a nice sunny day, and planted our first “garden” (or pots and hanging baskets for now).

Lucky for me I have a good friend Annie who is an incredible gardener and knows the best place to get organic herbs and flowers. (For all you locals you need to visit Gilbertie’s tucked away in Westport.) 

Coincidentally the next day I read this quote in my morning scripture study:

“Excellent teachers [and I’ll add parents] do not take the credit for the learning 
and growth of those they teach. Like gardeners who plant and tend crops, they
 strive to create the best possible conditions for learning. Then they give thanks
 to God when they see the progress of those they teach. Paul wrote, ‘Neither is he that 
planteth anything, neither he that watereth; But God that giveth the increase.’”

It made me think about my role as a mother, and how my job is simply to create the best possible condition so that Tillie can develop and learn about what matters most.

It also made me reflect on how grateful I am for my growing healthy children, for our little herb pots, the blossoms all over New England, and for a Heavenly Father who is so good to give the increase.



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