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Many of you have been so sweet to ask about the situation with our pregnancy.  I will probably post the full story at some point, but thought I’d share a few details now.

In February, Dave and I found out we were having monochorionic-monoamniotic twins (commonly referred to as mono-mono). Basically this means that our babies are sharing one placenta as well as one amniotic sac, with no membrane to separate them. It is extremely rare (only 1% of identical twins, which is only 3% of all pregnancies), and the chances of survival aren't great. When we found out at 10 weeks, they only gave us a 50% chance that the babies would make it to viability (24 weeks). The risk in mono-mono twins is primarily due to the fact that because there is no membrane to separate them, their cords often cross which can cut off blood and oxygen supply to both.

Here is a little diagram of the potential ways identical twins develop, the days refer to at what day the zygote splits and what that means (probably totally uninteresting to anyone not in this situation):
via UrbanMoms (and see the website for more technical info)
The great news is that these two have beat many odds already, and we're only 4 days away from making it to viability! We know they’re identical girls, and we believe these girls are fighters. On Monday, since I'll be 24 weeks and they will be viable, I will be checked in to the hospital so that they can begin full time monitoring. At that point if the girls' heart rates drop, they can hopefully do an emergency Cesarean section fast enough to save them. A huge blessing in all of this is that my sister will be coming out to watch Tillie, and although I’ll be 45 minutes away at the hospital, I'm hoping that it's not too far for very frequent visits!

Mostly I just want to say thank you for all your support. It's humbling. I know your prayers are what have kept me feeling peace through all of this, and have had led to many blessings already.

My mantra. It works. via 
Here’s to Monday!



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