Explaining the twins

Many of you have been so sweet to ask about the situation with our pregnancy.  I will probably post the full story at some point, but thought I’d share a few details now.

In February, Dave and I found out we were having monochorionic-monoamniotic twins (commonly referred to as mono-mono). Basically this means that our babies are sharing one placenta as well as one amniotic sac, with no membrane to separate them. It is extremely rare (only 1% of identical twins, which is only 3% of all pregnancies), and the chances of survival aren't great. When we found out at 10 weeks, they only gave us a 50% chance that the babies would make it to viability (24 weeks). The risk in mono-mono twins is primarily due to the fact that because there is no membrane to separate them, their cords often cross which can cut off blood and oxygen supply to both.

Here is a little diagram of the potential ways identical twins develop, the days refer to at what day the zygote splits and what that means (probably totally uninteresting to anyone not in this situation):
via UrbanMoms (and see the website for more technical info)
The great news is that these two have beat many odds already, and we're only 4 days away from making it to viability! We know they’re identical girls, and we believe these girls are fighters. On Monday, since I'll be 24 weeks and they will be viable, I will be checked in to the hospital so that they can begin full time monitoring. At that point if the girls' heart rates drop, they can hopefully do an emergency Cesarean section fast enough to save them. A huge blessing in all of this is that my sister will be coming out to watch Tillie, and although I’ll be 45 minutes away at the hospital, I'm hoping that it's not too far for very frequent visits!

Mostly I just want to say thank you for all your support. It's humbling. I know your prayers are what have kept me feeling peace through all of this, and have had led to many blessings already.

My mantra. It works. via 
Here’s to Monday!



Spring Planting

There’s nothing quite like spring in New England.

For those skeptics out there, come live through an unusually long winter season with an unusual amount of grey days, and see if spring doesn't blow you away!

Last week Tillie and I decided to celebrate the end of winter, the end of moving chaos, and a nice sunny day, and planted our first “garden” (or pots and hanging baskets for now).

Lucky for me I have a good friend Annie who is an incredible gardener and knows the best place to get organic herbs and flowers. (For all you locals you need to visit Gilbertie’s tucked away in Westport.) 

Coincidentally the next day I read this quote in my morning scripture study:

“Excellent teachers [and I’ll add parents] do not take the credit for the learning 
and growth of those they teach. Like gardeners who plant and tend crops, they
 strive to create the best possible conditions for learning. Then they give thanks
 to God when they see the progress of those they teach. Paul wrote, ‘Neither is he that 
planteth anything, neither he that watereth; But God that giveth the increase.’”

It made me think about my role as a mother, and how my job is simply to create the best possible condition so that Tillie can develop and learn about what matters most.

It also made me reflect on how grateful I am for my growing healthy children, for our little herb pots, the blossoms all over New England, and for a Heavenly Father who is so good to give the increase.



Happy Mother's Day

I think Mother’s Day should be one of the most celebrated days of the year. For so many reasons.

Today what hit me is how my own mother, and my experience with motherhood, have taught me what love is, and about the One who knew how to perfectly love.

I realize that for most of us Mother’s Day is a day filled with many emotions. For some a longing for mothers past, for others gratitude for the mother figures. And for those contemplating becoming a mother, or currently mothers themselves, the emotions may also include guilt, joy, nervousness or excitement. For me this mother’s day is accompanied by a few of those those emotions as I anticipate my own mother leaving for 3 years to serve with my dad in Australia, a high-risk pregnancy that could mean a 2 month hospital stay and potential NICU visits, and the newness of life that I desperately hope will be in our home.


But it is because of, not in spite of, these emotions that motherhood is teaching me how to truly love.

My Mother with me and my sister Jesika on Christmas Eve. 
It is through my angel mother that I was first taught about unconditional love.

She wasn't perfect, but her effort through her imperfections taught me that love and mothering is a choice.

She taught me what it means to put someone else's needs first, and how to live your life to nurture someone else's. Her work and life pointed to the Savior, who also loved unconditionally, daily put others above himself, and gave his life so that we could become like Him.

And in the process I saw her become more like Him as well.

Me and my daughter Tillie Rose, hours after I became a mother for the first time.
How blessed I feel to have had that kind of mother, and I hope I can become half of who she is, and who He is.

So happy Mother’s Day to all of you. I hope you have a moment today where you can reflect on the love the Lord has for each you, which is so often shown us and taught to us through our angel mothers.


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