10 and 11 months

Boy has it been a whirlwind in the Jensen home the past 3 months. A new job for Dave, a new car, new hair cut (ok that's not really a big deal), and so much great travelling. 

I can't hardly believe that two months have gone by and our baby T will be a year in just a month! 

Here are a few new things: 
Physical: Has two bottom teeth, with the top teeth coming shortly I'm guessing from the runny nose. Weighed in at a small 17 lbs 9 oz at her last check up-who would have thought Dave and I would get such a pipsqueak at 10% for weight, and 20% for height?! Getting strong and can stand while holding something. 

Social: Social pretty much describes Tillie-just like her Daddy! Which makes it so nice on a flight, because as long as we have someone friendly next to us she's easily entertained the whole time. Loves to blink/bat her eyes to make you laugh, loves peek-a-boo (and says "deek a doo") and "so big", loves to dance, loves to give great cheesy smiles (caught a few below), loves to fake laugh, loves to play. Loves her music class that started in January and claps her hands every time we play the songs in the car. Starting to show the first signs of independence, wanting to hold her applesauce pouch and eat everything we do.

Words: Starting to say a few words-though we're not sure if it's mimicking or really associating it yet, but so far the list includes: Dada, Mama, Grampa (and maybe Gramma, though she loves her equally), Sarah, peekaboo, thank you, bless you...I think that's it. 

Here are a few pictures from St. George, it's too fun to share her with my favorite people. 

 Soooooo big

 Loves to crawl and is getting fast. 

 Sitting with Grandpa Ralph. 94 years between the two of them.

 Aunt Sarah

 Loves to stand, and yes this is the cheesy smile

 So happy with Grandma

Can't get enough of the cheesy grins. So funny with just one little tooth.

Next stop 1 year.


  1. Wow! Tillie is amazing. I can't believe she's already saying words. Smarty pants just like her parents. I especially love her cheesy smile & her fake laugh which I have been lucky enough to see in person.

  2. So happy to see an update! I have actually been thinking about you guys and sad that I haven't seen a blog update (I need instagram I guess!!).

    Tillie is adorable as ever!!

  3. Oh she is darling as ever!! I loved this update - makes me feel a bit more connected to some of my favorite people!

  4. Oh my goodness!!! I love her! These pictures make wanna run over there and scoop her up. She's so pretty&sweet.
    The ones with her and your Mom are so darling.
    We sure love you guys!

  5. I could just eat that cheesy smile. Love that girl to pieces.

  6. I am just proud that I am listed in her first words!! I love the Jensens!

  7. Oh she is just beautiful. When she smiles she seems so much older! I feel like I can see so much of her personality :)Miss you Tillie Rose!


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