9 Months

Our little sunshine is 9 months old. I had a friend point out that Tillie has officially now been out of me as long as she was in me. As much as I loved pregnancy, I think I prefer the 9 months out of me.

Unlike every other month, I would not want her to stay at this age forever, unless it meant she could take a break from the teething that has left us all a little sleepless the past few nights (whose idea was it to have her in our room again?!)

 But with a face like that I can't get too frustrated.

 Big changes for 9 months: crawling (!), pulling to her knees (still tentative on the standing), lots of waving, and my favorite is her new "laughing." This is different from the happy giggles we've been loving, but instead it's full-on social laughter, waiting for us to laugh back, or in response to hearing us laughing. We love it, and totally leaves us all giggling together. And on a different note the sweetest thing happened this morning-she cried when daddy left. Melted both of our hearts. Obviously the emotions are developing in this little one.

She's also found a favorite book-Baby Visits the Farm, no surprise as there are animal noises on every page. She hasn't turned down any food we've given her yet and I love watching her focus to pick up little pieces.

One thing she's still not loving is hugs and kisses. Must be a recessive trait, but we'll break her in. 

 9 months out and getting as independent as ever. I'm not sure why but sometimes doing these little write-ups makes me emotional, seeing her grow up and marking each little step. I guess it helps me appreciate the not so fun moments-like the two front teeth that are breaking through just in time for Christmas!


  1. Her little face kills me. We're super-pumped to give her (or at least attempt to give her) squeezes in a few weeks. I'm excited to give Dave squeezes too for that matter.

  2. How is she 9 months?! Love that Tillie girl

  3. Tillie Rose!!! Do not grow up so fast! Or do, because your cuteness is setting a trend of steady increase. Which is super fun.

    We love little T. So much so that Mckay (who hasn't seen her as much as I have lately, and really isn't happy about it) said last night, "I miss Tillie, is that weird?" ha! We sure do think she's precious. Lucky for us we like her parents too ;)
    Happy 9!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing with her great grandmother. . . What a great journal you will have, not to mention a plethora of pictures.

  5. she is so beautiful! those eyes are incredible.


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