Why Oh Why Oh Sandy

What a crazy week. Superstorm Sandy (a.k.a. Frankenstorm) came with a vengeance, and although I thought we had seen some pretty nasty storms (Remember Hurricane Irene?) in the 3+ years we've lived here, Sandy easily beat them out. 

And as it would turn out, my ever-good-with-timing husband missed the whole thing in Columbia. So Miss T. and I had ourselves a week of hunkering down, sleeping over and hanging out.

 We lost power Monday night, and so i decided I better eat our ice-cream before it melted in the freezer. After having a tough time reading in flickering candlelight I went with Little Women on my ipad (how have I never read this?!)

The next day was a lot of this... until  luckily we had some sweet friends invite us over for the next few days-which turned out to be a huge blessing as the weather turned colder. Thank heavens the snow storm waited until this week. 

 This was from the cover of our local newspaper. Seeing trees down was a common scene all over Darien. It was unbelievable to see tree after tree lining the roads, and with them so many power lines. Over 95% of our town was without power for days. (We finally got ours back Saturday...3 hours after Dave came home :)

This tree had almost pulled over two power poles.

Nothing like seeing neighbors and friends pitch in to help where they could.

  My little buddy

Emergency Preparedness Tip: it is true that food, water and gas all go by quickly when there is a huge storm followed by panic. Do yourself a favor and take it seriously. Never hurts to be prepared.

Grateful to friends and family for prayers, warm places to stay, and that we were safe and sound. Our hearts go out to those who had it much worse last week!

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