What an anticlimactic first Halloween for little T. as we were stuck inside due to Hurricane Sandy
Luckily we had a little trick or treating planned the weekend before with some friends, and so we got a chance to dress Tillie up and take a quick picture. 

 Our little pumpkin.

No pictures with the cute hood on, but this will have to do.

 Halloween card from Grandma Nola (how sweet is it to send a Halloween card?) 

Perhaps this is one of the reasons I had such passion for the election. Ok probably not, but isn't this a pretty decent resemblance?

 He's much more a ringer for Mitt than I for Ann, but at least when I was with him people knew who I was supposed to be. 

Tried to make the most of this first Halloween for little T, and I'm just happy I don't have to worry about her wanting all that candy for at least a few more years right?


  1. Lizzy! I keep thinking of you! I should have called you to see how things were going (bad friend!) glad to see your update on things. Crazy! Glad you have such great people out there to help out (I still have good memories of meeting a few of them when we were there!) and glad you guys are safe and well.

    p.s. Love your costumes! Dave really does look like Mitt and Tillie is adorable, of course :)

  2. Oh my, she is such a great little pumpkin! She is really to cutest thing. Glad your Halloween ended up being fun in spite of Sandy. She's the worst.

  3. love the cute little pumpkin (and I have a Grandma Nola too!! Love that).

    Dave was a fabulous Mitt... I'm thinking he should make a run for it in a few more years!


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