Growing Up

My baby has definitely outgrown the bassinet. 
I know, I know, she's 8 months, its past time, and I shouldn't be surprised.

On Saturday I heard her wake up, and when I walked in her room she was sitting straight up. Not safe. So this was the big weekend, and Tillie officially slept her first night in a crib last night (after a lot of tossing and turning and trying to get used to her spacious new accommodations). 

 Sweet thing touched end to end. This picture makes it look really bad, but honestly she slept amazing in this thing-went right down and didn't wake up at night.

No she couldn't really stand up like this without my help (and can you believe the picture in the back is her little head of dark hair as a newborn?!)

First night in her crib. 

I know its a little silly first time mom of me, but it still makes me emotional to look at this picture.
Please stop growing up baby.


  1. It is definitely not a funny first time mom thing. You will feel that way with each baby and it is completely okay! Enjoy every. single. moment.

  2. I just love that she slept in there that long! Cute little girl!

  3. So cute that she slept nustled in the corner of her new crib. Babies grow up way too fast!


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