God Shed His Grace On Thee

In a way she did vote, because my vote was for her.

Talking about politics and the election may be a heavy topic, but I had someone comment to me last night that what hurt them most was thinking that they should have done something more. 

Well here is my something. 

In the grand scheme of things it is likely that my voice doesn’t matter much, but it is my way of showing that I will continue to believe and fight and work, and that I’m unashamed and unafraid in my convictions.

As I watched the votes come in precinct by precinct yesterday, a pit in my stomach grew with the realization that the values that used to be at the bedrock of this country are not only being challenged, but actively fought against. I went to bed feeling sick, and woke up with the same sense of foreboding.

I am worried for what my daughter’s America is becoming.

I am worried that the radical social stance of the left is undermining the critical principles that make America one nation under God.

I am worried for a country that uses the euphemism “progressive” to describe social policies that condone the murder of innocent children, contracts that undermine the fundamental unit of society, and incorrect economic policies that incentivize dependence.

I am worried about our economy, because I believe that a struggling economy is the symptom of a much deeper malady of moral decay. I believe that our economy will not regain strength until we root out much deeper issues.

I wish I could somehow thank Mitt Romney for what he and his family personally sacrificed.  I wish we could have had the honor of being led by such a man. I don’t know if we could have crafted a better leader on any level for such a time as this. I do believe that Governor Romney ran for office because of his concern and love for America. He has given more than many good men would to stand up for what they believe America can be, and should be.

We are blessed to still live in a country where we can be unafraid to express views and beliefs, and this is a freedom I will fight for and use. I pray that more will be unafraid to speak out-regardless of much they think they know, or how inadequate they may feel in expressing it, or how intimidated they may be to express unpopular opinions.

I pray that this freedom-along with so many others that I cling to and make America what it is-will continue to merit divine protection.

And I pray that I will have the courage and strength to stand up even when it means standing alone, and be unafraid to steadfastly cast my vote for me, for my family and for America. 


  1. Love your thoughts Lizzy! Couldn't agree more.

  2. It's incredible the way you expressed exactly what I think so many of us feel. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. The other day you said that you sometimes have trouble expressing things through writing...I don't think so. :)

    P.S. I'm so happy you posted a link to your blog! Love all these cute pictures of Tille

  3. Lizzy I am literally crying right now and cried through your whole post because I feel exactly the same way! Thank you for voicing that!!

  4. I wholeheartedly agree with the comments above - your "something" here is inspiring both in its craft and its conviction. Thank you for sharing, Lizzie!

  5. i love this post. so insightful. I couldn't agree more. and that pick of tillie rose is as perfect as possible

  6. Very thoughtful, Lizzy, and very well written. I was also disgusted with the fact that we didn't vote for such an incredible man as Romney- he truly was an amazing candidate. This time in our life reminds me of Heleman 12.... what do you think?
    Sure love you

  7. Yes. Thank you for sharing sister. Beautifully put.

  8. Beautiful. Governor Romney is a true American patriot whose convictions inspire me. Your convictions inspire me. Thanks for sharing! Tillie is growing up so quickly! She's lovely just like her mom.


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