8 Months

This month went way.too.fast. 
But November is here and Miss Tillie Rose has been with us 8 months now.
And yes, this is my favorite month yet. 

A few milestones: picking up small things with her fingers, rocking rolling and crawling-but only backwards, lots of jabbering nonsense, starting to belly-laugh.

How to go beyond milestones to capture her little big personality?

 One thing that comes to mind first I think this picture captures-she loves to interact. Maybe most babies do, but she really loves to smile and gets so excited to talk to other people-babies, older people or anyone. She is a pretty social little baby. She loves catching someone's eye when we're out and get them to wave and say hello. Just last weekend we went to the outlets (had to get out of the powerless wake Sandy left us) and we had little followings of people everywhere that would follow her through the store and just wave and watch her wave and wave and wave back.

I need to mention that Tillie is wearing a sweater that her great-great-grandma knit (the same one that knit her blessing dress), with a little headband from her sweet cousin Claire (ok really from Aunt Suz).

It's not a Tillie Rose post if I don't capture some of my favorite chunk. Love the wrist rolls here.

 Another thing Dave and I have both noticed about Tillie is how focused she is. You can kind of see it in this picture by her moving and staring at her hands and feet. It's been fun (and kind of nice for me) to have her be so engaged by herself for long periods of time. It only takes a couple of toys and she will sit by herself looking at every angle, passing them from hand to hand, and of course to her mouth, to figure it all out. 

How I love this happy girl.


  1. Did Grandma Dorothy make that darling sweater. . . but what a beautiful baby (mom and dad too) HOpe to see you during the holidays

  2. She is a beauty and I LOVE her outfit! SHE makes me want to live here forever!!

  3. 8 Months...a true molly-putz!

  4. look at that smile!! and those sweet expressive eyes. what a doll she is; so in love with her name too. thanks for popping in and saying hello. your comment made my day!

  5. Love her little preciousness! Thanks for sharing. We miss so much but this helps a lot. Give her a big hug and Kiss from Gramma Julie

  6. I don't know how I didn't know about your blog before now, but now you're stuck with me! As for that Tillie... oh, she is to die for!! SO edible!!


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