7 Months

I think if I could freeze Tillie in one age I would stop her right here at 7 months. She laughs, interacts, eats, waves, all while not being too mobile yet. It really it my favorite stage so far (though I have to admit there has been a lot to love in every stage). 

- Tillie is waving! The first wave was anticlimactically to the pediatrician, but she is pretty good at waving every time she hears someone say hello or goodbye. She loves to wave and interact to people in the store, shops and while we're travelling and lights up when someone talks to her. 
- Still not crawling forward, but pretty good about going backwards and rolling
-Eating lots of new foods and hasn't shown any dislike to really anything yet. Loves greek yogurt, fruits and veggies, and pretty much everything else she's tried
 -A few more babbles, including nana
- Can click her tongue
-Much better with hand control and can pick up smaller objects
-Can keep herself busy with a little pile of toys, and loves her doorway jumper (glad I didn't get a huge jumper in our small place)
- She is not a cuddler, nor does she love kisses. But we'll convert her.
-Tillie loves music. Anything that comes on sends her bouncing and rocking

Gotta capture the gummy smiles while we've got them

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