Greenwich Audubon Society

Since becoming a mom I've realized that there's nothing quite like being able to get together with other mothers. It's amazing what just a few hours of playgroup can do for the soul. 

This week we met at the Greenwich Audubon society, but really it could have been anywhere as we mostly just sat and chatted in the learning room! That said I'm sure we'll go back as there are some beautiful trails that I would love to explore. 

Pictures in the car while we were waiting for the group 

After the group left, we headed out to the trails with some new friends and found some chickens. This was a big attraction for the only toddler of the group. 

Playgroup is just what's needed when I'm feeling a little, well, cooped up. While I love having Tillie socialize with the other kids, there's no denying that really need to get out, be inspired, empathize, learn, and laugh with women who are also going through this amazing thing called motherhood. 


  1. Well said. I laughed a little when I realized we didn't ever really go exploring. I'm definitely going to have to go back because it seems like a pretty place. But I loved the conversation. And I loved seeing James with those two beautiful girls!

  2. Love to read that you are making those very special moments into memories.


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