Labor Day Road Trippin'

First road trip with just the three of us. And for being only 6 months old, I was pretty proud of our little T. She took the longer drives and night of camping in stride. 

So just a disclaimer with the pictures (and the second sad, and potentially expensive, story of the week). So it turns out that iPhones really don't do well in water. Still keeping my fingers crossed that it can be revived, but as of right now my phone is dead. So I was going to wait to put up this post until I can get my pictures, but thought instead I'd do it from Dave's pictures and perspective, which goes something like this: Tillie, Tillie, Baseball Hall of Fame...everything else. Ok I was mixed in quite a bit as well but I had edited out more of those. Our itinerary was Cooperstown and a night of camping, Palmyra, Niagara Falls, Golfing, and back home again.

Case in point, this picture. Dave: "Hey I was at this Red Sox game where there was the bloody sock!"... and then he told me the whole story...which I can't remember...kind of gross...

So from Dave's perspective, our Labor Day road trip:

If Dave has anything to do with it Tillie will be a future Hall of Famer

 Tillie's ride most of the weekend

The only picture Dave had of the Church History sites-but what an incredible experience. We hit up the Peter Whitmer farm, the Joseph Smith Family farm and home, Hill Cumorah, Palmyra Temple, Sacred Grove, and Book of Mormon printing press.

Dave has been a few times, but this was my first time and hopefully won't be my last. It made the Church's history seem so much more real and tangible. The feeling in the Sacred Grove was just that, so sacred, and the whole experience made me ever more grateful for all the sacrifices made.

The craziest thing that happened there though, was that I ran into my cousin Ashley and her family! They were in the process of moving from Cleveland to Boston and decided to stop at the sites on the way. Pretty crazy to see them there, and we're excited that they're not too far away in Boston now!

Then on to Niagara Falls

I took this one. And think he looks so handsome  

On the Maid of the Mist

Big 6 month mark at the falls!

 I came out from getting ready for bed in the hotel, and walked right into this daddy-daughter photo shoot

 Never too many kisses

 Random stop in Clifton Springs to see this mosiac made of Tiffany glass, this needs to be moved to a museum

I love road trippin, especially with my favorites.


  1. WOW!! I know I say this every time I make a comment, but you have the most adorable and chubby little girl and YOU always look so so gorgeous!!! What a beautiful family! Looks like you guys are having fun and making some great memories. I hope we can meet up sometime soon!!! I just love you!

  2. Niagara Falls! So beautiful, we really need to go. Sounds like such a fun trip for you guys. I'd love to go do some of those things (I'll pass on the baseball stuff:). Daddy daughter photo shoot? Kind of a heart melter. And sweet little Tillie, oh I just cannot get enough of that perfectly round face- the picture of her and Dave looking at each other is precious. Love you guys!

  3. Fun trip! Fun write up! Great pics...from Dave's perspective and I know Ash had a great time! Love you guys.

  4. Such a great trip! I think we will have to borrow this itinerary sometime. And SO SAD about your phone! The rice bag didn't work?! Well maybe it's a blessing in disguise because now you can get the iPhone 5? :)


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