Island Beach

Am I the only one that gets winter anxiety? It seems like as soon as I can feel fall in the air I start to get a little lump in my chest knowing that winter is approaching. I've got to work on that (or move somewhere warmer with more sun during the day!). In the meantime I'll post about last week's beach trip and push winter back as far as I can. 

I think my idea of paradise is a little slice of beach, maybe one that looks exactly like Greenwich Island matter of fact. Add to that wonderful friends and sunshine and I don't think it gets better. It really was heaven sitting on top of the ferry, feeling the breeze and looking at the beautiful estates en route. 

 Tillie loved her time with her boyfriends, 

 and I loved my time with my girlfriends.

I think we could have spent all day there. Oh wait, we did. 


  1. Best day ever. Thanks for coming!

  2. Great pictures and update of that darling baby and her handsome parents.


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