6 Months

Can I just say how grateful I am for my little girl today? We had a little scare outside our apartment that ended in calling the police and a broken window to unlock our car...with Tillie locked inside. Needless to say everyone is ok, and hopefully she never remembers the incident, but that was definitely the biggest scare yet of motherhood, and definitely made me say more than a few prayers of gratitude. 

On to the big milestone:

Sweet Tillie is 6 months old! What a fun and busy month this has been, with some of my favorite  milestones yet (do I say that every month?).

-I think my favorite milestone was when we realized that she had recognized her first word (at least that we know of), she now kicks on cue when we say "kick", I think as excited as we are the we are finally understanding each other.
- She has started to be a little more mobile, loves to stand as we hold her hands, push up on her belly, and has started to scoot a little backwards.
-She also ate solids this month for the first time. I don't feed her every night, but do let her suck on fruits and vegetables as I'm cooking. 
-Also one of my favorites is her new babbling-she is especially good at mama and baba, not with any associated meaning, but it is sure cute to hear.

And now for the good part: 

So many of the pictures end up with blurred hands and feet, she doesn't stop for long

How we love this little girl. What would we do without you?!


  1. She is absolutely adorable Lizzy!

  2. 6 months is such a big milestone! Love that girl!

    So sorry about your scare - I ALWAYS worry about that - getting out of the car there are always so many things I'm carrying / so many doors I'm opening & closing, etc. I'm glad it all worked out okay!


  3. 6 months! Wow! I always feel like 6 months is such a milestone. It is so fun to see babies hit new marks. She is adorable!

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  4. She is so cute I can't get enough! That is really scary about the car. I am so glad that everything is ok.


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