At Dave's office there is a tradition of bringing the new babies in for a bit of a show and tell. It's definitely a reflection of how friendly they are to families and kids (they even announce the new arrivals at the year end dinner-totally uncommon around here). 

For the past few weeks Dave has been telling me that it's really time to introduce Tillie to the office, and so we finally brought her in a couple of weeks ago. I thought Dave was just going to take her, but he had me come in as well which was fun as I really enjoy a lot of his co-workers. It's crazy to think we've been out here 3 years already, and just how much time that means Dave has spent with this crew!

I wish I would have snapped a few more pictures with my phone, but I at least got a few with Dave's team. 

 What you can't see behind the camera is a crowd of women just staring and smiling,  not daring to touch Tillie. She really was a hit. 

 Some of Dave's team

Proud Daddy showing everyone how T can "stand" (gotta love those rolls on her legs!) 

We feel pretty lucky that Dave works for such a family friendly firm, and loved introducing them to Tillie!

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  1. Thanks for you comments :) I love her chubby legs!

    Here is the link to those blueberry muffins. They are also on my pinterest account, not sure if you are on there or not? I was so surprised that they turned out so good, they were as good tasting as they were good looking!


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