Five Months

5 months? I'm sure experienced moms out there would laugh, but 5 months just sounds so old to me! I decided to celebrate by going to the city and enjoying a Shake Shack burger and fries, and Tillie decided to celebrate by...teething. I can't be totally certain (I'm still pretty new to this whole process you know) but the screaming, drooling, and biting all leave me pretty sure that she's has a tooth breaking in soon. 

Month 5 has definitely brought the most milestones. Two of the big ones came while Aunt Sarah was here visiting--both rolling over and laughing (I think Sarah has been the one to make all the nieces and nephews laugh first actually). 
The giggles are one of my favorite new developments, but there are some other firsts we've noticed:

- A few days ago Dave was blowing "raspberries" on her stomach and she mimicked the noise with her mouth and now does it all the time. She gets a cute little look on her face when she does it like she's so proud of herself for figuring it out.
- She's become fascinated with her toes-and loves them in her hands and in her mouth
- She continues to get new rolls all the time, but is also looking longer to both me and Dave (we both realized the other day that we could see her neck for the first time :)
- She took her first trip overseas (and even has a passport-kind of ridiculous to see that cute little face in a passport)
- She has become totally fascinated with watching us eat. I think I might introduce her to solids earlier than I was originally planning because of all this interest
- She loves to have things on her face-blankets, her doll, pillows. Kind of scary for me the first time I caught her pulling a blanket on her face, and I rushed over to pick it up only to find her smiling and giggling.
- She loves bringing things to her mouth, and it's where every toy ends up
- She's still in the bassinet (pretty much end to end-but still works when she's swaddled), but has moved from tubbing in the sink to a real tub
-Babbles all the time. 
-And last but not least my favorite--she has started to cuddle! I don't think there is anything sweeter to me than when she lays her little head down on my shoulder. Still doesn't happen all the time but I love it every time she does!

 Love that clean baby smell

 Dave calls her his "little grinner."

 My little blueberry eyes

 Not a lot of room left in this bassinet, this should probably be the month she moves to a real crib

I put Tillie down to fix the camera, and looked down to find her gazing right back up at me

This is a look we get often, eyebrows raised with a little inquisitive look. I love her little dimpled chin.

 Loving her toes

 I love that this picture captures her chunk-the ankle and wrist rolls, the double chin, and my favorite cheeks

Love this happy girl. Especially when she's not cutting a tooth!


  1. Wonderful post and an adorable little Michelin Tire baby!!!! Beautiful pictures!

  2. oh Liz she is a DOLL! And I love "blueberry eyes". So perfect.

  3. Great pictures....Tillie Rose is adorable! Happy 5 month birthday------

  4. Love all the pics! It's fun to hear about her new achievements~~~I wish we could be there to see it all!


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