Tillie's Blessing

This Father's day was one of the sweetest days of our married life, and certainly of Tillie's life. Because we had two family reunions back to back we decided to wait to bless Tillie while we were out in Utah, which made it possible so that all of Tillie's uncles, grandfathers and even two great-grandfathers could be a part of the blessing. We also felt connected to our family as Tillie wore the same dress that I wore when I was blessed, and which was made by her great-great grandma. 

Looking around the room during the blessing was really overwhelming for me as I felt so much love and support surrounding us. The love was tangible in that room. It will always be such a blessing for Tillie to look back and see that she was surrounded by loving family, and good men that uphold women and families. Dave's blessing was so sweet and contained so many promises for Tillie's life.

Just after the blessing. Dave was joined by 11 uncles, 3 grandfathers, and 2 great-grandfathers in the circle

Listening to cute cousin Abbey play a piano duet with Jenna after the blessing

Tillie and her great-grandmothers, Phyllis, Nola and Colleen

  Grandparents Julie and Dave

My sweet sisters

Cousin Lori, Grandma Nola, and Aunt Julie and Uncle Eric

Grandparents Greg and Sandy

Just after the blessing

Cousin Bree

Uncle Taylor

Great-grandparents Ellie and Sterling

Sister Lizzie

 Grandparents Dave and Julie and Lon and Carrie

Sister Sarah

My sweet angel. Dave and I can't believe how much joy she's already brought to our lives and marriage and feel so blessed to be her parents. I can't wait to see all that she will become and her bright future.  


  1. Beautiful day with a beautiful family...and all for a beautiful baby girl!

  2. so great Lizzy! What a sweet event :)

  3. It was such a beautiful event. SO amazed and happy that we were able to be there!

  4. Wow. That made me tear up. What a special day to share with Dave, with your little family, and with your big family. So special. She sure is one loved little girl, so happy that she'll always feel that. XO


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