Henderson Family Reunion

It was so great to all be together for this years family reunion! My parents really do an amazing job of planning their family reunions and do all they can to entertain, challenge and inspire all of us. They even come up with a theme for the year and activities that go with it. This years theme was "Mountains to Climb" from a talk from General Conference by Elder Eyring with the same name. I love that they think so much about what they can do to strengthen our family-and also make some great memories.

I loved seeing all the cousins together-this family reunion was the first time that Tillie met all her cousins as Rachel and Jackson weren't there two months ago. As is usually the case with time with my family, it seemed like every day just went by too quickly.

The weekend included swimming, devotionals, canyoneering, a hoe-down and BBQ, amazing food, and a final night up in Sundance (where we met up with Dave's family at Aspen Grove for their family reunion and blessed Tillie). A few memories: 

On our way to Utah--sadly Tillie didn't sleep the whole way like last time, but luckily she was interested in watching the NBA finals with Dad

Dave canyoneering

 The whole canyoneering crew

The cousins with Tillie

The first time the three youngest cousins were together, they'll be happier when they're older

I love this temple (where Dave and I were married) and all the adults were able to sneak away for a bit thanks to babysitter Sarah

 Sweetest story ever: Dave and I had the most delicious wedding cake and every time we talk about it I mention how I wish our families wouldn't have eaten all of it after we left. So my mom surprised us after dinner one night and had our cake decorator make us another one for everyone to share. She is so thoughtful! It was just as delicious as we all remembered.

Fun to go to Tuacahn to see Aladdin. Sarah secretely had a crush on Aladdin.

Tillie out by the pool

My two loves

Gabe and Bree saw that Tillie was doing tummy time and decided to join. It obviously still takes Tillie a little more effort.


The first annual steak grill-off competition. Dave tied for first in the taste test (T and I were so proud).

Uncle Kurt and T

In preparation for the family hoe-down we all got boots. Such a fun surprise. 

Sarah is such an amazing Aunt-and was holding Tillie in most of the pictures we took

 Something is wrong with this picture

All the cowboys

Dinner at the hangar before the hoe-down

 The whole clan.

These two are amazing-and the reason behind the whole thing. Big thanks to the two of them for such a great week. Can't wait until next year if they're up for it!


  1. WOW! what a fun gathering. I love all the pictures -especially the one with Tillie and tummy time with her cousins.

  2. It was such a wonderful reunion! Loved seeing all the pics. Can you imagine how fun it will be when the kiddies are older and just get so excited to get together and play?! No, actually can you imagine how amazing it will be when we are neighbors and the kids get to play all the time!! Yes, that is what I am hoping and praying for!


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