God Bless America

We spent a true East Coast 4th this year, spending the day on Pear Tree Point beach, and the evening at Waveny Park. It was a good way to introduce Tillie to her first Independence Day! 

Matt, Becca and John have recently moved to New Haven for Matt's program, and we're so excited they're living close to us. Becca's looking great with number 2 on the way.

 Matt and Dave grilled us up some tasty chicken and burgers and we had ourselves a 4th of July BBQ

 John got such a kick of putting a bowl on my head and calling it a hat. What a cute kid. 

Later that night we went to Waveny for the fireworks. Dave and I both think that Waveny Park is one of the most "American" places to be on the 4th. There are thousands of people that come mostly all dressed in red white & blue with their picnic baskets and blankets. The fireworks are always amazing (though Tillie wasn't having it this year--we'll have to try again next year!). 

The New Canaan band playing festive patriotic music in their full ensemble

Party hat from Mary Martha

Happy 4th!


  1. Lizzy,

    I don't think you could be anymore beautiful or have a more beautiful and chubby baby girl! Seriously, your are just as gorgeous as ever (on the inside and out). It's so fun to see these cute pictures and see what a sweet family you have. Keep up the fun posts! Hope you guys are doing well! Looks like you are:) Love you!

  2. Tillie in that party hat on the 4th could possibly be the cutest thing I've ever seen. I know Waveny Park is great but next year you guys need to come to the Darien fireworks too! :)

  3. So Stinking cute! Tillie really does look amazing in that hat....tho she always does. ;-) What a fun day!

  4. Okay......if those aren't the cutest little legs I don't know what is. Adorable pics and what fun times!

  5. Such a fun day! Thanks again for being incredible hosts; delicious food and perfect weather made for a great celebration!


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