Four Months

This month was filled with a lot of travelling (which made me learn some new travel tricks I'll have to record), visitors, meeting all of her cousins and aunts and uncles (I can't believe she met every single one-especially with Dave's big family!), her first cold, and extended awake time during the day and sleep at night (love the night part). 

Some fun things I've noticed this month:

-Tillie is so much more vocal. Her noises on the plane this weekend were making everyone laugh-and she is not quiet! I would describe the noises more like screeches than coos, but as long as she's not crying I'm fine!
- She has started to notice her hands and can grab and bat at objects. She loves to spend time under the mobile/playmat and I think is more happy there than when I'm entertaining her.
-She is more interested in books and letters (almost reading I'm sure)
- She brings her hands together and to her mouth
-She's started to drool-Dave and I both noticed it one day. Wondering if teeth are coming?
- Still loves to kick her legs and seems to get a great workout just kicking and flapping her arms
- Is a lot more comfortable on her tummy

 Her favorite play toy, she can spend so much time reaching and grabbing at all the animals

Tillie has such narrow feet-definitely from Dave

Tillie's favorite trick, pulling her shirt or dress up and showing her belly. 


  1. Still the cutest thing ever! She seriously gets cuter too... I love her like I love my own children! Miss you my sister...and my sweet Tillie Rose!


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