Beach Day

Since Matt and Becca came to Connecticut Becca and I decided we need to plan some fun trips to see areas of the East Coast we haven't been to yet. So just a few days after the 4th we decided to check out Jones Beach and invited our friends the Checketts. Tillie was a lucky girl with three handsome boys joining the outing! 

Jones Beach is something of a NY icon (even listed for the letter "J" in a darling NYC alphabet book Mary Martha gave me after), and was packed! It was so packed that I think I just may stick with the beaches further north unless we're really going to catch some waves.

It was fun to do our first beach day with other first timers (the Checketts) so that we could all get up the learning curve together! Tillie, Charles and Clyde were great though, and despite them not really being able to enjoy the water, they put up with us dragging them out there. 

Becca and I

 Tillie taking a nap in her carseat on the beach

I asked Dave to pose for a picture-this was his first reaction 

Sharing with Tillie

The proud papas

This definitely won't be the last beach day this summer! 

God Bless America

We spent a true East Coast 4th this year, spending the day on Pear Tree Point beach, and the evening at Waveny Park. It was a good way to introduce Tillie to her first Independence Day! 

Matt, Becca and John have recently moved to New Haven for Matt's program, and we're so excited they're living close to us. Becca's looking great with number 2 on the way.

 Matt and Dave grilled us up some tasty chicken and burgers and we had ourselves a 4th of July BBQ

 John got such a kick of putting a bowl on my head and calling it a hat. What a cute kid. 

Later that night we went to Waveny for the fireworks. Dave and I both think that Waveny Park is one of the most "American" places to be on the 4th. There are thousands of people that come mostly all dressed in red white & blue with their picnic baskets and blankets. The fireworks are always amazing (though Tillie wasn't having it this year--we'll have to try again next year!). 

The New Canaan band playing festive patriotic music in their full ensemble

Party hat from Mary Martha

Happy 4th!

Aspen Grove

For such a big family we were lucky that we got to see the whole Jensen/Colton clan during the Aspen Grove reunion this year. Although all of us only overlapped for one day total we were still able to spend some great time catching up with family we don't get to see often enough.

Dave and I have only been married a few years but I love to see how both of us are becoming parts of each others families. I think what we both loved most was to see Tillie with her Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents and Great-Grandparents, and even had all of them part of her blessing the first Sunday there. 

All the Grandkids-quite a crew! Tillie and Claire weren't having any of it.

 Tillie's first time in a swing

 I've missed these mountains

 Tillie with Grandma Haycock

Hiking to Stewart Falls

 Riding on the goat with cute Maggie (who was so darling and kept saying, "Can I ride the goat with Tillie Rose?")

Hanging with Aunt Sarah

Tillie in her cute outfit from Aunt Carolyn. Packing up is hard but hopefully we can see more of the family before next year! Thank heavens for family reunions and great parents who make it a priority to bring us all together. 

Four Months

This month was filled with a lot of travelling (which made me learn some new travel tricks I'll have to record), visitors, meeting all of her cousins and aunts and uncles (I can't believe she met every single one-especially with Dave's big family!), her first cold, and extended awake time during the day and sleep at night (love the night part). 

Some fun things I've noticed this month:

-Tillie is so much more vocal. Her noises on the plane this weekend were making everyone laugh-and she is not quiet! I would describe the noises more like screeches than coos, but as long as she's not crying I'm fine!
- She has started to notice her hands and can grab and bat at objects. She loves to spend time under the mobile/playmat and I think is more happy there than when I'm entertaining her.
-She is more interested in books and letters (almost reading I'm sure)
- She brings her hands together and to her mouth
-She's started to drool-Dave and I both noticed it one day. Wondering if teeth are coming?
- Still loves to kick her legs and seems to get a great workout just kicking and flapping her arms
- Is a lot more comfortable on her tummy

 Her favorite play toy, she can spend so much time reaching and grabbing at all the animals

Tillie has such narrow feet-definitely from Dave

Tillie's favorite trick, pulling her shirt or dress up and showing her belly. 

Tillie's Blessing

This Father's day was one of the sweetest days of our married life, and certainly of Tillie's life. Because we had two family reunions back to back we decided to wait to bless Tillie while we were out in Utah, which made it possible so that all of Tillie's uncles, grandfathers and even two great-grandfathers could be a part of the blessing. We also felt connected to our family as Tillie wore the same dress that I wore when I was blessed, and which was made by her great-great grandma. 

Looking around the room during the blessing was really overwhelming for me as I felt so much love and support surrounding us. The love was tangible in that room. It will always be such a blessing for Tillie to look back and see that she was surrounded by loving family, and good men that uphold women and families. Dave's blessing was so sweet and contained so many promises for Tillie's life.

Just after the blessing. Dave was joined by 11 uncles, 3 grandfathers, and 2 great-grandfathers in the circle

Listening to cute cousin Abbey play a piano duet with Jenna after the blessing

Tillie and her great-grandmothers, Phyllis, Nola and Colleen

  Grandparents Julie and Dave

My sweet sisters

Cousin Lori, Grandma Nola, and Aunt Julie and Uncle Eric

Grandparents Greg and Sandy

Just after the blessing

Cousin Bree

Uncle Taylor

Great-grandparents Ellie and Sterling

Sister Lizzie

 Grandparents Dave and Julie and Lon and Carrie

Sister Sarah

My sweet angel. Dave and I can't believe how much joy she's already brought to our lives and marriage and feel so blessed to be her parents. I can't wait to see all that she will become and her bright future.  
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