Three Months

Tillie has already been here three months. It's pretty crazy when I see friends with "new" babies now-hard  to believe that was us just 13 weeks ago. 

I think the biggest change (and certainly the one I'm most excited about) is that as of this month I've been able to sleep through the night again! I don't know if that even happened throughout parts of my pregnancy. 

Other things we're loving this month: 
-Tillie has really started to be vocal. A few times I've thought she was screaming and I look at her only to find she's smiling and just experimenting with her voice. Dave and I just sit and laugh listening to her.
- She's started blowing bubbles. First time I saw it I told Dave I was worried she was "frothing at the mouth." He thought it was pretty funny that he knew that it was normal and I didn't.
- Tillie has started to laugh (we think?) I think it is just her mimicking our sounds rather than really laughing, but I'm sure we'll see more in the next few months.
- She still doesn't love tummy time. I'm doing all I can to work her up to it, but sometimes wish that we could still let babies sleep on their stomach and learn that naturally
- She's not really looking at her hands much, but sure loves to suck them.
- Her eyes keep getting more blue
-Her legs keep being more chunky (I should have taken a picture of her chunky thighs-I'm sure they'll only get better by next month)


  1. She is absolutely darling! And don't worry, I never really bothered with tummy time and my girls survived! :)

  2. Time is going by so fast. Love her blue eyes and all that fun stuff she is starting to do.

  3. She's adorable! I'm so happy for you Lizzy.

  4. She has the cutest smile and such awesome hair. :) You are doing a pretty good job if she is sleeping through the night already. Maybe I should read that Baby Wise book.

  5. wow. 3 months! she is so dear. love her. I agree about tummy time. I've been letting the boys take their naps on their tummies and it has gone well for us. but we arent sleeping full night like tillie rose. she needs to teach them. great work to the momma!

  6. She's so adorable! I love her hair!
    Marie Bond

  7. Okay now.........Cutest little Bubble-Britches named Tillie Ever!!!


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