L to the A

We love road trippin' when Dave's way is paid for for work and Tillie and I get to tag-a-long. 
Even better is when we get to visit family like Uncle Ben and Aunt Sarah. 

 But best is when we tag along with dad, visit family, and it's a beautiful place with amazing weather. 
We should come to California more often.

No trip to California (or really anywhere west coast) is complete without some mexican comida (no worries that it is as big as Tillie)

Sara took us to Abbot Kinney Boulevard, great food and fun shops.

Walking with Sara on the tree lined streets of Beverly Hills

 Uncle Ben is the sweetest with his nieces and nephews

Tillie's feeling famous with both her Aunt Sara/h's 

Tillie's first major league baseball game

Big day for her daddy, and fun for me as my first major league game was at this same stadium

Loved everything about this trip

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