L to the A

We love road trippin' when Dave's way is paid for for work and Tillie and I get to tag-a-long. 
Even better is when we get to visit family like Uncle Ben and Aunt Sarah. 

 But best is when we tag along with dad, visit family, and it's a beautiful place with amazing weather. 
We should come to California more often.

No trip to California (or really anywhere west coast) is complete without some mexican comida (no worries that it is as big as Tillie)

Sara took us to Abbot Kinney Boulevard, great food and fun shops.

Walking with Sara on the tree lined streets of Beverly Hills

 Uncle Ben is the sweetest with his nieces and nephews

Tillie's feeling famous with both her Aunt Sara/h's 

Tillie's first major league baseball game

Big day for her daddy, and fun for me as my first major league game was at this same stadium

Loved everything about this trip

We love visitors!

Although we live pretty far from any immediate family we've been lucky to get to see relatives as much as we do. The latest visit was from Grandma Julie (living in Germany), Aunt Lizzie (just returned from a mission in Chile) and Great Aunt Carolyn (living in Maryland). We packed in everything we could and were able to do a couple days in the city hitting some highlights including Highline Park, Chelsea Market, Times Square, Levains, the MOMA and broadway to see Newsies (which I loved!). 

It is always special to see other people love your child, and each of these three did their fair share of loving on Tillie! 

 Carolyn, Julie, Lizzie and Tillie and I walking Highline Park

Walking past Rockefeller Center on our way to the MOMA, Carolyn was the master stroller pusher (she kept saying how "addicting" it is to push Tillie and watch her :)

I love my baby girl! 

 Enjoying a little Jazz in Central Park

Got to enjoy some time with Dad-grateful he works so hard, but wish he could come play more

Tillie's first time on the subway

Chelsea Market-home of the first Oreo and the National Baking Company (Nabisco)

Eleni's Bakery-Chelsea Market

 Lizzie with her mushroom crepe from Bar Suzette Creperie-delicious

View of Times Square from our Hotel

Tillie in Times Square

Tillie out cold just outside of Levains Bakery where the cookies are about as big as her head, and they certainly weigh as much

So happy that Lizzie is home from her mission! This girl's going places.

We love these visitors-so glad they'd come to see us and share such a fun weekend. Luckily the goodbye's weren't too hard as we are leaving for back-to-back family reunions today and will get to spend time with both the Jensen/Colton clan and the Hendersons! 

Three Months

Tillie has already been here three months. It's pretty crazy when I see friends with "new" babies now-hard  to believe that was us just 13 weeks ago. 

I think the biggest change (and certainly the one I'm most excited about) is that as of this month I've been able to sleep through the night again! I don't know if that even happened throughout parts of my pregnancy. 

Other things we're loving this month: 
-Tillie has really started to be vocal. A few times I've thought she was screaming and I look at her only to find she's smiling and just experimenting with her voice. Dave and I just sit and laugh listening to her.
- She's started blowing bubbles. First time I saw it I told Dave I was worried she was "frothing at the mouth." He thought it was pretty funny that he knew that it was normal and I didn't.
- Tillie has started to laugh (we think?) I think it is just her mimicking our sounds rather than really laughing, but I'm sure we'll see more in the next few months.
- She still doesn't love tummy time. I'm doing all I can to work her up to it, but sometimes wish that we could still let babies sleep on their stomach and learn that naturally
- She's not really looking at her hands much, but sure loves to suck them.
- Her eyes keep getting more blue
-Her legs keep being more chunky (I should have taken a picture of her chunky thighs-I'm sure they'll only get better by next month)

This Week in Pictures

May 28th-June 3rd, 2012

Nothing too fancy. We've been a little busy with cleaning out the apartment, a crazy weekend, and getting ready for company and vacations over the next couple of weeks. I can't wait to see family (and have Tillie meet a lot of new faces!) but that meant we had to get some things done this week.
A few highlights: 

 Delicious "dessert"-easy and healthy. Basically frozen bananas in the Vitamix (I'm pretty obsessed with this piece of kitchen equipment-best wedding gift ever). You then add whatever you want to the bananas (here cocoa powder and peanut butter). It tastes awesome, and because the bananas are so sweet I don't add sweetener. Find this chocolate/peanut butter and other variations here. So good. 

 I think T set the record for "blow-outs' this week. At least 6 outfits and 4 blankets

 Bath time with Dad=crazy hair (ok T's hair is always a little bit crazy, but I at least try to calm it down)

 First time I've seen T interact with another baby! T and baby Grace both cooing away

Wrapped up a few projects including this quilt. I have the greatest two neighbors who also happen to be interior designers, and every once in a while get boxes of their designer material extras. So far pieces have turned into T's car seat cover, pillows for our couches, this quilt, a birthday banner, with a few more ideas in the works. It's pretty crazy looking at the prices-some are over $200/yard! 

Her smiles for Dad are the best. Classic tongue smile from T.
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