Where Tillie lives

One part of pregnancy I seriously underestimated was "nesting." It was amazing to have so much energy to clean, make, and organize when my body was being pushed to the max. It seemed that in a matter of days not only did I just have to redo our bedroom, but projects I hadn't visited since we were married were now back at the forefront of my mind, I needed to go through my closet and clean out old clothes, and of course I had to scour the whole apartment, including every last vent and corner of the bathroom (seems pretty silly now). It was productive. And exhausting.

Since we are living in a one-bedroom apartment and Tillie would be sharing our room with us, it made sense to switch things around and freshen it up. I had to try to add some nursery touches without making Dave feeling like our room was taken over by pink or a baby. Though it's nothing fancy, I love how light and cheery it is now, and love sharing a room with my two favorite people (well I guess I wouldn't be totally opposed to a two bedroom, but we're making the most of it!).

I was so happy when I found this glider
A little DIY project: a fresh coat of paint and a new knob and good as new

A little artwork

New dresser to fit everyone's clothes

Tillie's bed. She used to look so little in it, but is pretty much end to end now!


  1. Such a cute room. Love everything about it.

  2. Oh it is just lovely my sister! I LOVE it!! Love the artwork too...so pretty, but not too girly.

  3. I love Tillie's little nook. You made it so peaceful & sweet. Really like the mirror above the dresser, too.


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