Two Months

Little Tillie is two months today! She had a big second month, including her first trip to see grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts and uncles in Nevada and Utah (more on that to come), and her first trip into NY (also more on that). I really could just kiss her and "talk" with her (she loves to coo!) all day, and spend a lot of time doing just that. It's safe to say Dave and I are just a litttllleee bit obsessed.

Here are some new things about Tillie that I am loving this month:
- She can follow us, or other objects, with her eyes
- She is a very intense eater, and always lets us know she's hungry with those little grunts.
- She is getting chunky! I loved the wrinkly newborn skin, but am loving the baby chunk on her legs!
- Her eyes have gone from a brownish grey to more of a blue. We'll see if they keep changing
- She's getting on a schedule!
- Just last week she's started to prefer facing out when I hold her. She is becoming more interested in looking around, and it seems like her eyes are always active 
- Her neck is getting stronger, though she's much better turning one way than the other 
- She found her fist and sucks on it (hasn't quite found fingers, but will just suck on one of the knuckles)
- I feel like she's starting to recognize me a little more, and sometimes when I am holding her facing out she'll crane her neck all the way around so she can look up at me. It totally melts my heart. 

We love this little girl!


  1. Darling! Love those wooden blocks - we bought them too. They are such a pretty toy!

  2. Seriously? She is just so stinkin' cute! I love her smile so much! Love watching her get bigger!

  3. She is darling. Happy 2 months. Adore her! Looking forward to r next stroll.

  4. 2 months really? I need to come over and give this girl some more snuggles. I especially like chubby babies, so much more to love. Hope you are doing well. We miss seeing you guys.

    The Arbuckle's

  5. Look at that beautiful smiley baby! I love her Lizzy!

  6. Little princess bubble brithches! And yes that is the ultimate compliment!

  7. Be as obsessed as you want! There's nothing like the first...and I'm sure the second, third, etc. But everything is so new and exciting and I now miss Lily's chunk. So glad Tillie is getting some, it's so fun. I would sometimes just keep her in her diaper just to look at her rolls! Glad to see you're out and about. I'm impressed!

  8. Oh my heck, that picture by the monkey is SOOOO cute!! I have a million things to do right now but had to see some updated pictures of Tillie Rose. She is seriously the cutest Liz.

  9. I just showed these pictures to Bree and she squeeled and said, "Ohhhhh she is so cute!" then after the last one she said, "She's just like an angel mom, isn't she." We love Tillie Rose!


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