This Week in Pictures

May 21-27th, 2012

 Tillie looking at a mirror-she's just started to be interested in mirrors and gets excited when the girl in the mirror laughs and smiles back at her

 The first mother-daughter shopping trip. It didn't last long, for some reason Tillie wasn't really into it.

Tillie and Lucy (just a few days old in this picture) I've been able to see a few new babies in the past few weeks and love the special spirit that is present every time.

 Me and "Lucy's mom" Jamie. Pretty amazing mom already.

One of my favorites

Tillie's first time at Stew Leonards (Connecticut classic-Dave says its a mix of Ikea, Costco and Disneyland...pretty great combo). Such a bad picture but Dave wanted me to document because he loves Stews.

New jewelry box

 Memorial day jog around Darien-love all the flags

 Reading with Tillie. You guys she was really watching today.

These smiles!


  1. Love how interested she is in those books! Such cute pictures! I read to James but he's not into it yet :)

  2. 1. Dave's comment about Stew's is accutely accurate & hilarious.
    2. Her smiles! They are too precious.
    3. Her chunky legs are so great.
    4. Jamie looks fantastic! I need to go see her & babe.
    5. Lets get Mckay convinced that I can't work this summer for need of taking meat cooking classes and hanging out with you & T-Rose all day. That sounds like a good summer.

  3. She has such a beautiful smile. Love her! I need to be reading more to the boys. This week I will do. Such a cutie!

  4. What a cutie with a ever-changing personality. I can see it in the pictures. Did you ever imagine how tender it would be to be a mother


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